Basket of Orange Starfish (~50 pieces), Shells, - Shell Port
Basket of Orange Starfish, Shells, - Shell Port

Basket of Orange Starfish (~50 pieces)

Regular price $24.99

Great for special projects like wedding invitations or table decoration!

One large basket of Orange Starfish.  Basket is approx 8" across while the starfish are approx 2.75" across.  Basket contains approx 50 starfish.  This is a great deal for projects.  We sell this same starfish by itself for $1.99 so if you need mass quantity of them than this is the better deal.

Please note that there is no such thing as a "perfect shell".  Shells have imperfections, chips, scrapes, and bumps that all add character to the individual items.  If they were perfect than they wouldn't be real.