Frequently Asked Questions


Because each seashell is unique to this earth, there are variations and differences between each one.  Markings, shapes, bumps, cracks, and even holes are bound to develop in every seashell out there.  There is no "perfect shell" in the sense of what we think is perfect.  Each shell has slight imperfections that make it unique.  Keep this in mind when ordering as the seashell you get from us probably won't look exactly like the picture.  Just like fingerprints, no two shells are exactly alike.   


Being a seasonal business our hours of store operation fluctuate throughout the year.  The Summer/Fall months are our busiest times and we are open daily 7 days a week for at least 8 - 10 hours a day.  During the winter (off season) we cut back our hours but generally are still open at least 5 days a week for 6 hours a day.  Our storefront hours of operation will have little to no effect on website orders as there is always someone working to fill and ship orders no matter the time of year.  You can always call us at 850-234-7083 or email us to inquire about specific days and times in which we will be open during your visit here.


Our return/exchange policy is pretty simple: If you aren't happy, we want to make it right if we can. We aren't in the business to sell you something you aren't happy with. Contact us at either or 850-234-7083 within 14 days of receiving your item(s) and we will see what we can do.

Obviously, if you are wanting to return an item that was broken or damaged by you then we can't accept that back. Or if you purchased something 6 months ago and decide you just don't want it any longer we probably can't help with that either. But for most other cases we can probably work something out.  We would rather have you as happy returning customer than one that is not.


Our inventory is too large to list everything on a website.  We wouldn't get any work done in the store if we took the time to catalog every single item that we sell.  We are talking about over 10,000 unique items here so it's just not feasible to list them all.  You can always contact us if there is something you want to purchase that we don't have listed on the site.  If it is something we can ship than we will be glad to sell it to you.  There are certain things we just won't ship like Hermit Crabs for instance.  But most everything else is possible to ship to you.


Orders will ship out Monday - Friday.  We will attempt to get it shipped out within 24 hours of being ordered except over the weekend or holidays.  You are welcome to also pickup your order in store if you are in the Panama City Beach Area.  When checking out, use the discount code "PICKUP" to have the order held at our store for pickup.