Air Plant Care Information

Air Plants are a very hardy plant that don't need a lot of care.  After receiving your air plant from us we recommend you soak your air plant in water for 30 minutes.  Fill a bowl and just totally submerge them.  Let them float/sink.  Make sure to use bottled/well/spring water.  Tap water has chlorine as well as other chemicals that could kill the air plant over time.

A once a week soak will maintain their health just fine.  In more arid climates you may need to spritz them with water once a week in addition to soaking them.  If their leaves are beginning to curl that means they are not getting enough water and you should correct this ASAP.  After the soaking let them dry out by shaking the excess water off them and placing them in an area near sunlight but not direct.  Air plants don't need direct sunlight.  A shady window sill works best for this.  If you are wanting to put them into some type of enclosure, be sure to let them dry totally before doing so.  This will reduce the chance of them getting rot from staying wet and not being allowed to dry.

You may cut/trim the roots off the bottom of the plant.  Air plants don't get nutrients through those roots and only use them to attach themselves to structures (e.g. trees and rocks) in the wild.  You also don't need to ever plant your air plant in soil.  It doesn't need soil at all.  All they need is indirect sunlight and water and they will do just fine in your home.

It's also important to understand that air plants will only bloom once during their lifetime and then die.  Now, this doesn't mean you have to buy a new one every time this happens.  Your air plant will grow 2-8 "pups" that are tiny baby air plants that are attached to the flowering "mother" air plant.  These pups can be safely removed when they are approx 1/2" in size.  These pups will eventually turn into adult air plants and the life cycle continues.